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We’re closing in on the top of our Celebrity of the Year Countdown.

With Kate Upton getting the list started at #10, Walter White then checked in at #9 and was followed by Jennifer Lawrence at #8. At #7? That sex maniac himself, Christian Grey, with Twerking at #6 and a controversial Justin Bieber at #5.

Now, THG is excited to present Celebrity of the Year Finalist #4… LAMAR ODOM!

One year ago, Odom was a productive member of the Los Angeles Clippers and the loving husband of Khloe Kardashian.


Now, he’s an unemployed former reality star going through a very public divorce.

What happened to the man affectionately known as Lam Lam by his loyal wife and dedicated E! viewers? Nothing that can be explicitly explained.

But the drastic fall from grace started this summer, as rumors surfaced that Odom was both cheating on Kardashian and also taking drugs. Like, serious drugs. Like crack cocaine, for instance.

Lamar Odom Really Loves Cocaine

For someone whose named popped up so often in celebrity gossip circles over the final half of 2013, Odom himself was actually very quiet and very rarely seen.

We were mostly treated to sources speculating on his whereabouts and on whether or not Khloe would file for divorce. But then Lamar was arrested for drunk driving on August 30.

Lamar Odom Arrest Details

He pleaded no contest to the charge in December and agreed to three moths of alcohol abuse treatment.

It actually looked like there was a chance for Lamar and Khloe to reconcile, until Odom got drunk and recorded a video of himself rapping and admitting to many acts of infidelity. You really need to watch this thing:

Lamar Odom Crack Video
Photo via © TMZ/Splash

It marked the final straw for Khloe, who served her husband with divorce papers a couple weeks ago and who now hopes to move on with her life.

Where will Odom be one year from now? Playing in the NBA? Clean and sober? For the sake of the star himself and his three children, let’s all hope so.