Kate Middleton: THG Celebrity of the Year Finalist #3!

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The end of THG's 7th Annual Celebrity of the Year countdown is nigh.

Who will claim the top spot? We will soon find out, after Kate Upton got the list started at #10, followed by Walter White at #9 and Jennifer Lawrence at #8.

At #7? Christian Grey, with Twerking at #6, a controversial Justin Bieber at #5 and an oft-troubled, always newsworthy Lamar Odom at #4. Today?

At #3 on our countdown, it's the Duchess herself, Kate Middleton!

One year ago, Kate Middleton had just gotten pregnant with the heir to the British throne. Twelve months later ... she obviously had a royal baby.

And what a baby it is! And what a mother she's proven to be!

Demure, humble and classy - not to mention smart, fun, stylish (and spectacularly beautiful) - it's easy to see why Kate is among the most beloved celebrities.

Her baby bump was the subject of mass hysteria for the first part of 2013, with several scandals and constant chatter arising as she started to show.

Kate Middleton Baby Bump Photograph
Kate Middleton Baby Bump Picture
Kate Middleton Baby Bump Photo

All the while, as the anticipation built, people created some really interesting "art" (both official and unofficial) in honor of this ambassador of the UK.

Kate Middleton Official Portrait
Kate Middleton Lingerie Portrait
Kate Middleton Mona Lisa

Her due date was the subject of endless speculation for the first half of the year, along with Kim Kardashian. But Kim went early, and Kate went late.

Or did she? It's not really clear, as much of what we know about Kate is based on speculation. She's not in the exploitation business, like some people.

That just widens her appeal, of course. Despite their incredible wealth and fame, Kate and Prince William seem like remarkably normal individuals.

It's the way she in which conducts herself, more than anything, that makes her so wonderful. Not that she had a baby or got married or is good looking.

Everything she says, does and wears, she seems to nail it, just like you'd want a Duchess (or any public figure for that matter) to do in an ideal world.

Finally, on July 22, the big day came for Kate. And the world watched.

Prince George of Cambridge arrived, and made his public debut ...

Kate Middleton and Royal Baby
Kate Middleton Pregnancy Dress
Cute Royal Family
Kate Middleton, Prince William and Baby
Royal Baby Picture
Kate Middleton Post-Baby Dress
Royal Baby's Parents
New Parents
Kate Middleton, Baby

Later, the new parents posed with the newborn and their dogs ...

Royal Baby Portrait
Royal Baby Photo: Family Portrait

This fall, the couple held a Christening for Prince George ...

Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince George
Kate Middleton, Prince William and Prince George
Royal Baby, Family Portrait
Kate Middleton With Prince George
Prince George at His Christening
Kate Middleton and Prince George

What great moments, gossip and Kate Middleton photos await in 2014? We can only wait and see, but you know she'll shine as brightly as ever.

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