Jennifer Lawrence Photoshopped for Cover of Fashion Magazine: Necessary or Not?

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She's America's sweetheart. A total media darling for her fun-loving and quirky ways. She also happens to be stunning and remarkably beautiful.

So why was Jennifer Lawrence photoshopped by Flare Magazine for their February (2011) cover? See the changes for yourself:

Jennifer Lawrence Photoshop GIF
Jennifer Lawrence Photoshop Close Up

The changes Flare Magazine made were subtle, sure, but were they even necessary? Jennifer Lawrence is a total babe!

Yes, it's a fashion magazine and they're in the business of beauty. Even JLaw herself understands that photoshopping will happen to her, and after seeing her Dior ads proclaimed "I love photoshop!"

For those not fluent in sarcasm, that was her way of saying "This is ridiculous." In fact, in that same interview she said "Real people don't look like that."

Because they don't.

Flare Magazine didn't make her Bombshell Barbie, but they definitely did more to this cover than contouring her makeup. 

What do you think. Did Jennifer Lawrence need to be photoshopped here?

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