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Every celebrity except Jamie Lee Curtis. All of the Kardashians. Britney Spears. The girl next door. What do they have in common now?

Photoshop. The contentious and powerful editing tool employed by magazines, photographers, celebrities, and regular people alike to sell visions of perfection which don’t actually exist in the real world. 

See for yourself:

Photoshop Use Highlighted in Dramatic Viral Video

In just one minute, this model, an average, blonde, normal looking person, turned into someone resembling a mash-up of grown up JonBenet Ramsey and Bombshell Barbie.

Her neck! Her eyes! HER FEET. They lengthened her feet!! NOT EVEN HER FEET WERE GOOD ENOUGH. 



They only thing that seems to be the same is her, well, nothing. NOTHING. She’s still wearing a bathing suit bottom? 


This video was created in 2011 by a team from Global Democracy as part of a series called Body Evolution in an effort to mandate that disclaimers be used wherever body images are manipulated.

With the rampant use of Photoshop absolutely everywhere these days, maybe we should require disclaimers where body images haven’t been altered?

At least there should be some way of acknowledging that someone has been altered so much from their original form that they’re completely unrecognizable.

What do you think?