Jenelle Evans Posts Baby Bump Pics, Was Probably Drinking While Pregnant

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Jenelle Evans has posted a pair of pictures of her baby bump that suggest, indirectly, that she was probably drinking while pregnant a few months ago.

In addition to a snapshot of herself working out with her unborn child at the gym, she also posted a photo of herself, naked in the tub, on Instagram.

“Me and the baby just relaxing,” Evans captioned the pic, in which her tattoo reading ”Cela Passera Aussi" (or "This Too Shall Pass") is clearly visible.

Naturally, her nude baby bump can be seen protruding from the bubbles in the bath. Just magical. There's just one thing about the bump, though ...

Jenelle Evans Baby Bump at the Gym
Jenelle Evans Nude Baby Bump

When she confirmed she was pregnant with her second child this month, she received a lot of backlash from fans regarding whether or not she's sober.

Naturally, this being Jenelle Evans, speculation ran rampant that she had been drinking and doing drugs during her pregnancy. Not out of the question.

In fact, the Teen Mom 2 star drank publicly during a trip to Philadelphia in late October, but according to Jenelle she wasn’t pregnant at that point.

Which would mean she is less than two months pregnant, of course, which likely isn't the case, as she is rocking a fully-formed baby bump by now.

If she's less than two months pregnant? She's not looking like that. So in all likelihood, Jenelle was in fact drinking and smoking weed while pregnant.

Good times. Only not at all. Not entirely surprising times, for sure.

To be fair, the pic from the gym, taken last week, shows the bump on the MTV personality looking a lot smaller. Maybe she just "popped" over the weekend.

That would still put her at 3-4 months along now, however. She could've been pregnant and not known it, in her defense ... but it makes you think.

Of course she was promptly slammed by her followers, but Nathan Griffith's future baby mama insists she has turned over a new leaf these days.

Do you believe her? Share your comments and votes below ...

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