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Yolanda Foster hosts her first dinner party of the season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4 Episode 8 and it’s “She Hearts You, She Hearts You Not” but we recap where things get really freaky in our THG +/- review.

Yolanda’s dinner parties are an event. The flowers are gorgeous, the meal looks delicious but it’s the refrigerator that’s to die for. Plus 15. The exceptional appliance even has its own Twitter account. 

For all the Fosters talk about etiquette, they could use a few lessons themselves. Carlton may have cancelled late but it wasn’t exactly good manners to point that out to their other guests. Minus 18

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion

Yolanda’s silly little hearts for her “dream team” were just childish. Does any really believe she didn’t realize who got a heart and who didn’t? Minus 22. What a cutsie way to make some guests feel like the in crowd while giving others the message that they’re not. 


And was David hiding the Tenors in the back closet? Why couldn’t the four gentlemen have had some dinner with the rest of the group, especially since Yolanda made mention that this was their one night off?

If you want to get really picky about party etiquette, is it normal for guests to feel one another up? Although I’ll admit I got a good laugh out of watching Lisa Vanderpump, Brandi Glanville, and Kyle Richards squeeze each other’s breasts playing a game of Who has the implants? Plus 20.

But if you’re really looking for kinky you need to skip this party and head over to Carlton’s. The girl is designing a deluxe in-home adult playroom for her and her husband, complete with sex toys, fetish paraphernalia, and I’m sure plenty of things I can’t even imagine. 

And Carlton is completely unapologetic about it. “Yay for toys! I like adult toys.” Thankfully there’s a lock on the door.

Plus 45 for keeping things interesting in the bedroom…or playroom, that is. Fifty Shades of Grey’s got nothing on Carlton. 

Unfortunately where Carlton stepped it up a notch, Brandi fell into the same old patterns. 

Go to a party. Have too much to drink. Be rude to Joyce. Minus 13. That scenario is becoming kind of dull.

But I’ll admit that Joyce calling her husband her “baby” every five minutes is making me nauseous. Minus 27.

I’d rather watch Kim Richards with her dog over Joyce and her hubby any day. How about you?

Episode total = +1! Season total = +38!