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U.K.’s Glamour has decided that the latest Man of Steel, Henry Cavill, is the Sexiest Man of 2013, besting some serious competition to win the top spot.

Yeah, we’re going to have to go ahead and agree with them. Henry’s a hottie!

Keep reading for pictures of most of the Top 10 hottest men of the year…


Cavill beat fellow Brit Robert Pattinson for the top spot. Pattinson fell this year to number 2 after holding the title for the past four years.

Catching Fire’s Gale, played by Liam Hemsworth, came in number 3 while his brother Chris Hemsworth, aka Thor, took number 7. 

Tom Hiddleton and Benedict Cumberbatch managed spots 4 and 5 respectively.

Justin Bieber‘s legion of loyal Beliebers managed to boost him into the 10th spot on the list despite the ridiculous year he’s had, but he couldn’t beat One Direction’s Harry Styles who managed to place 6th. 

Mega-hottie Ryan Gosling landed on the list at no. 32 while People’s Sexiest Man Alive, Adam Levine, entered Glamour‘s list at no. 93. 

Christian Grey himself, Jamie Dornan, is nowhere on the list though Charlie Hunnam was ranked 11th. 

Let’s just take another look or two at U.K. Glamour’s Sexiest Man of 2013, shall we?

Do you agree with U.K. Glamour’s selection of Henry Cavill as the Sexiest Man of 2013?