Farrah Abraham: Already Causing Drama on Couples Therapy!

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When Farrah Abraham announced that she'd be appearing on VH1's Couples Therapy, you knew the drama would not be far behind. And you were right.

The amazing part? She's not going on the reality show to discuss her relationship in hopes of squeezing out a few grand and 15 more minutes of fame.

Farrah Abraham is reportedly appearing on Couples Therapy SOLO.

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Rumor has it that the Teen Mom star tried to con both her current boyfriend Brian Dawe and some dude she went on two with into joining her on the program.

Incredibly, for men willing to date Farrah Abraham, both of these men declined, proving that they do have brain cells, morals and a sense of self-preservation.

Then again, Farrah's relationship is with herself is very much dysfunctional, so perhaps it makes more sense that she's doing a little solo therapy sesh.

The Backdoor porn star announced that she will be working through her past issues with relationships and learn to "move on." Ah. Mmm hmm.

Astonishingly, she's already feuding with Dr. Jenn Berman. Perhaps, not unlike when she got smacked down by Dr. Phil, Jenn isn't a total pushover.

Sources from inside the show are buzzing about how defensive Farrah is, not to mention challenging to work with when she doesn't get her way.

If you know anything about her, that sounds on point.

And here we thought getting kicked out of rehab for being a disruptive pain in the arse was a point in life from which she could not stoop any lower.

Moral of the story: Never estimate Farrah Abraham. Just underestimate her a lot, then underestimate her some more. As much as you possibly can.

She still probably won't meet your expectations.

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