Dylan Penn Smolders in GQ, Poses Topless

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Dylan Penn may or may not have dated Robert Pattinson for a few weeks this summer.

But the 22-year old daughter of Sean Penn is definitely featured in the new issue of GQ - and she definitely looks darn good within its pages!

The aspiring model - who tells the magazine that rumors of her romance with the Twilight Saga stud were "bullsh-it" - bares her cleavage for the publication in a low-cut tank top and stares longingly into the camera.

Dylan Penn GQ Photo

She also opens up about her ideal man, saying he pretty much just has to be "funny."

"I don't think there's anything you can't bring up [on a date]," she adds. "I think everything is free for all."

Oh, and did we mention that Penn poses topless in the following video? Well, we have now.

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