Caroline Berg Eriksen, Tiny Baby Bump Still Getting Grief From Internet

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First fitness blogger Caroline Berg Eriksen caught internet-flack for being too toned four days after giving birth and showing off her amazing physique.

Now she's under fire for the tiny baby bump she sported at nine months pregnant. 

Caroline Berg Eriksen's Tiny 9 Month Baby Bump

Yes, she really is nine months pregnant in that photo. Yes, that's probably what Kim Kardashian looked like at nine days pregnant.

No, that comment isn't meant to be disparaging to either mother.

Here's the thing. 

No two women are exactly the same. Duh. Nothing earth-shattering about that information.

Some women get pregnant and carry their babies in their midsection like they've smuggled basketballs under their shirts. Others appear to be growing babies in their chins. Or their thighs. Or any and everywhere and their stomachs.

It's maybe unfair that we can't all be the former, but really? Bashing this woman for her body and in the same breath wagging fingers at the fat-shamers among us?

Caroline Berg Eriksen Tiny Baby Bump

Eriksen's original photo was labeled an "act of war" and Twitter users said it sent a "toxic message" about the pressure for women to bounce back after giving birth.

But seeing how fit and (relatively) small Eriksen was before sheds light on images of her post-baby body. Does she really still deserve the e-hate she's getting? 

What do you think of Caroline Berg Eriksen's photos? Does she deserve the criticism she's getting for her body?

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