Bruce Jenner: What Does He Know?! Will He Ruin Kris Jenner?!

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This year’s Kardashian Christmas card, arguably the family’s most bizarre and definitely their most expensive yet, is telling for a number of reasons.

Yes, Kim Kardashian is front and center and Kendall Jenner appears to be in the process of being groomed to take Kim's place under Kris' emperorship.

But the most notable image of all? Bruce Jenner actually showup up for the shoot, but being shoved in the corner, locked in a glass tube and fighting to escape.

Some photos really are worth a thousand words.

Bruce Jenner Tell-All?

It’s been an embarrassing year for the long-suffering patriarch, now a shell of his former self. And the humiliation he’s endured could cost Kris.

“If Bruce Jenner opens up about all of the dirt he has on Kris, he could easily get a book advance of $15 million,” a publishing insider tells In Touch.

Adds a Kardashian family friend, apparently worried: “All of her secrets would come out and she’d be completely destroyed. Bruce knows everything.”

Yes ... but what? And would he really tell all?

Given that this is Bruce Jenner, probably not. He just likes to race cars, play golf, hang with his kids, and not be nagged. All in all, a super dude.

You can criticize him for a lot of things, but being vindictive or vengeful is just not in his nature. That's why he took Kris' crap for so many years.

Also, what would he possibly say that we don't know, or that would damage her? That she staged / hawked the Kim Kardashian sex tape herself?

Even that wouldn't surprise anyone, or damage the brand. It's like the Empire at this point, just without the obvious weakness in the Death Star.

Or someone willing / interested in taking it on. Bruce is not going to use the Force for anything more than shaving a few strokes off his golf handicap.

We'd pay to read his nonexistent tell-all, though. That's for sure. If he even loses $15 million from his vast fortune, maybe he'll consider it then ...

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