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Tom Cruise admitted in a deposition something we’ve long assumed was true: Katie Holmes divorced him in part because of his controversial Scientology faith.

The actor was deposed in the $50 million libel suit he is filing against a celebrity news magazine that claimed he abandoned daughter Suri Cruise.

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He denies this vehemently (which should be obvious if he’s filing a lawsuit over it), despite the fact that no one takes In Touch Weekly at all seriously.

No one would’ve ever thought that Tom abandoned Suri, but nevertheless, he was grilled by ITW‘s counsel as part of his quest to make them pay.

The lawyer for the tabloid magazine repeatedly asked if Katie Holmes’ divorce from him was because of the Church, with which he is famously aligned.


Tom tried to dodge, and suggested that it wasn’t true, but then the lawyer asked whether "Katie Holmes left you in part to protect Suri from Scientology."

"Did she say that?" Tom responded. That was one of the assertions, yes."   

He also said that Suri Cruise is NOT a member of Scientology anymore.

Incidentally, Tom says that from June-November 2012, he only saw Suri about 10 days. However, he insists he has always been a major presence in her life.

He is, as previously mentioned, seeking tens of millions of dollars for what he feels was a baseless and potentially damaging attack on his character.