Single Dad Adopts 12-Year-Old, Receives Sweetest Note in History

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A single man recently made up his mind that he wanted to be a dad and adopting a 12-year-old, a decision that a lot of us would balk at or not even consider.


"As a single male and unable to have children, I just completed an adoption of a 12yo. This is what he made for me," the #1 dad explained on Reddit:

#1 Dad Note

If that wonderfulness doesn't bring a tear to your eye, we don't know what will.

The Reddit user tells others who may be considering adoption [all sic]:

"If your a single male/female and want to adopt, just take the plunge!"

"Youll change someones life, and change your own too," he adds, suggesting that people "get started now ... my process took almost a year."

"As long as you can pass the background, have stable employment, and can pass the home study, and have lots of love to give, they really need you."

"There's a kid out there that needs you, just do it."

He also shared another illustration from Josiah, 12, which appears below. WARNING: You will likely need another box of Kleenex if he shares any more ...

Note to Dad
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