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In the aftermath of his arrest Monday afternoon, sources close to George Zimmerman say he was lied to and framed by girlfriend Samantha Scheibe.

Zimmerman insiders say she may have faked her alleged pregnancy to keep him around, then framed him when she realized he was leaving her.

According to a 911 call placed by Samantha Scheibe, he threatened her with a shotgun, smashed a glass coffee table and forced her out of their house.

Zimmerman, in his own 911 call (below), says she told him that she was pregnant but wanted to raise the baby alone, he agreed, and she flipped out.

Now TMZ cites sources claiming that George made it clear to Samantha he was leaving Florida, and her, before the pregnancy bombshell dropped.


Samantha revealed that she is six weeks pregnant, allegedly, as he tried to break it off … which he now believes was a lie devised to change his mind.

George then agreed to make a child custody and support deal (which he says she asked for), but was still going to bounce. That’s when she lost it.

Things came to a head when George was packing his bags to leave, according to Zimmerman’s camp, and she made up the gun scenario as revenge.

Police arrested Zimmerman following the domestic dispute.

With her alleged pregnancy, he is facing felony charges. If George’s side of the story proves accurate, however, that could go away in a big hurry.

Either way, it’s the latest in a series of brushes with the law for Zimmerman, who was acquitted in the 2012 Trayvon Martin slaying back in July.

He was also served with divorce papers while in jail by estranged wife Shellie Zimmerman, who had been struggling to locate him for some time.

Gotta take advantage of the circumstances, right?

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