Pauly D Meets Baby Girl For First Time: It Was Amazing!

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After a period of tumult with baby mama Amanda Markert, Pauly D met his baby daughter Amabella, who just turned six months old, for the first time.

According to the reality star, holding his little bundle of joy for the first time earlier this month was nerve-wracking, but also unforgettably wonderful.

"I was nervous if she wasn't going to like me," he said. "But the second I saw the baby her eyes just lit up, it's almost like she knew. It was amazing."

"I knew she was mine right off the bat too because she looks just like me. She came right over to me and put her arms right up to me. [She] grabbed my hair!"

"That's the first thing she went for. And then she was biting my nose."

"I didn't know what to expect, and then you know, it's almost like I knew what to do. I just felt comfortable holding her ... all the nervousness went away."

"She has the same big eyes. Same forehead, [and] same mouth."

While the first meeting went great, there's seemingly still a long way to go with Amanda Markert, with whom he is still engaged in a custody battle.

"That's what we're working out now," he said. "I'm going to see [Amabella] as much as I possibly can, but there's a process because of the way [this] happened"

"So it's in the lawyers' hands in that way, but in the end I just want to give the baby the best life possible. I want to see her as much as I possibly can."

He's committed, though: "I travel a lot, but when I'm in Vegas I'm going to have a nursery there, when I'm in Rhode Island I'm going to have a nursery there."

As for the upcoming holiday? "I got a ton of clothes! I'm big on sneakers so I got her a ton of Jordans already to match me. She's going to be a fresh little girl!"

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