Nicholas Emond Arrested After Commenting on His Own Wanted Photo on Facebook

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In news that proves that some people really are not smart enough for their own good, New Hampshire man Nicholas Emond, a.k.a. Sin Demon, got himself arrested by using Facebook.

No really, this happened. 

Police issued a warrant for Emond's arrest when he violated the terms of his release from jail and when they couldn't find him, they posted his very, very unique mug shot on Facebook. Emond decided to go on the social media site and defend his own honor on his own picture, declaring that the police would never be able to catch him because he was "hundreds of miles away." 

It seems Emond might have failed a math class or two, and probably geography as well, because "hundreds of miles away" in the state of New Hampshire probably means not being in the state anymore.

Police apprehended Emond two days after his picture was posted on Facebook.