What's the Best Age to Have a Baby? Results Are In!

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Have you found yourself wondering what's the best age to have a baby?

A recent Gallup poll of 5,100 women reveals that the magic baby-making age is only 25! 25!! That sort of feels like babies having babies!

But what if you're a career woman and already over 25 and in no way ready to have a baby? That's totally okay, but some might say you should consider freezing your eggs to preserve your fertility until you are ready.

An astonishing 58% of those polled responded that women should have their first baby at age 25 or younger. The reported ideal age varies wildly based on education level. That is, those who had finished college or earned a graduate degree were more likely to say that age 26 and above was the best time to start a family than those who did not finish or attend college at all.

UItimately, what matters isn't a woman's age. It's whether or not she's emotionally and financially ready to become a mom. When she is, more power to her.

What do you think? Is 25 too young to have a baby? 

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