Melissa Rycroft Reveals Gender of Second Baby: What Is It?!?

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Melissa Rycroft is feeling blue at the moment. But for a very exciting reason.

The former The Bachelor contestant is pregnant with a boy!

Rycroft, husband Tye Strickland and daughter Ava confirmed this news via an adorable photo on Instagram and an interview wit Us Weekly.

Melissa Rycroft and Family

"Tye, he's such a guy's guy, so personally I'm really happy he gets to do all his boy stuff," Rycroft tells the magazine of her second child. "It's so funny the first thing out of his mouth was, 'I feel so much responsibility now!' I was like, 'Um have you not felt it the past two and a half years?'

"I guess there's something to be said about the same sex parent taking the bulk of [responsibility]."

Rycroft is 17 weeks along in he pregnancy and says the family is still preparing for its impending addition.

"I haven't started the nursery or anything yet," Melissa says. "Tye and I have been tossing names back and forth and it'll probably be a process."

And will this be the couple's final child? Rycroft can't really say in either direction.

"We talk about if we had a third it wouldn't matter if it's a boy or girl because we have one of each. So never say never! We always said three was our number, and we may stop at two -- or we may keep going!"

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