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Perhaps Kylie Jenner should just stay off Twitter for awhile.

The 16-year old raised some eyebrows this week when she released a revealing, cleavage-y shot of herself on the social media network.

And now the reality star finds herself under fire not for a pose, but for her chosen prose.

Last night, Kylie posted a selfie and included with it the caption “I miss my black hair I’m so bipolar.”


Innocent enough, right? Not to a number of followers.

They inundated Jenner’s feed with criticism over her flippant reference to a serious disease, with one user writing:

“You’re not ‘so Bipolar’, you’re indecisive…and a moron,” and another adding: “Kylie Jenner with her ‘i’m bipolar’ makes me sick.”

It should be noted that Demi Lovato made a similar joke during an appearance on Ellen in May – but she actually has been diagnosed as bipolar.

She therefore avoided this kind of backlash, with most folks just writing off the quip as an attempt at self-deprecation.

Does Kylie deserve this sort of heat, though? Sound off now: Her bipolar comment is…