Kendall Jenner Exposes Nipples, Proves She Really is 18 Years Old

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Really, we should have seen this coming.

Kendall Jenner has said for years that she wants to emulate Kim Kardashian. Prior to turning 18, she spent months posing in various racy photos, capped by this nude Instagram shot.

So with Kendall having hit that magic number on November 3, should we be surprised by the following, revealing photo shared on social media?

Jenner put it online last night without a caption because the image says it all: There is an 18-year old Kendall Jenner. And there are her nipples:

Kendall Jenner Nipples Alert!
Kendall Jenner Racy Photo

The picture was snapped by photographer Russell James.

It was also instantly defended by the teen's father Bruce Jenner, who Tweeted soon after it went live that Kendall is a "wonderful kid and a great daughter."

That may be so.

But why we do we fear that Ray J (or a Ray J equivalent) will soon be setting up a tripod and giving her a phone call that she might actually accept?

Kendall also shared another shot of herself from the reverse angle, proving that when it comes to modeling, she's not leaving much to the imagination:

Kendall Jenner: Behind the Scenes

Literally, that is one behind the scenes look. Don't expect it to be the last, either .. maybe not even this week, at the rate this aspiring Kim K. klone is going ...

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