Sons of Anarchy Recap: Who Was Killed?

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How will Tara get out of this one?

That was the main question fans were asking at the conclusion of Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Episode 10.

But following the events on Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Episode 11, most viewers likely have a different reaction: HOLY $HIT!

Clay Morrow is dead. His step-son and the man who took over SAMCRO Presidency finally did the deed by shooting Clay in the neck... and then a bunch of times in the body as well. For good measure.

It was a killing a very long time in the making - and it also made sense from the club's point of view.

They want to get out of guns. They want to be free from their past. And Clay being in the picture would have ruined both those goals.

Still... did any viewer see this coming? On a non-season finale? Heck, it wasn't even the concluding scene of the episode. The unanimous SAMCRO vote resulted in a set-up in which Jax took out both Galen and Clay and set up Connor in a high place within the IRA. Sort of a win-win-win for the MC leader.

Except Nero was there for the shooting and it's hard to wonder whether or not it will make him think twice about his relationship with Jax.

And Gemma was also there, which provided Katey Sagal with more opportunities to shine.

And Tara was also present, which actually seemed to draw her closer to her VERY estranged husband. She's wanted to see Clay killed for a long time now. Then again, the installment ended with Tara seemingly close to a different path.

Will she really accept Patterson's deal? Will she turn the club in and take witness protection? Or will she end up working with Jax and helping the MC shed its gun-running ties once and for all somehow?

So many questions. Only two episodes remaining in Sons of Anarchy Season 6 for the answers, but one week off next Tuesday in honor of Thanksgiving.

It's a good thing, right? We'll need some time to process the end of Clay Morrow. May he sort of rest in peace.

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