Keeping Up With the Kardashians Season Finale Recap: The End of Khloe and Lamar?

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On the season finale of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Khloe continued to struggle with her crumbling marriage to troubled husband Lamar Odom.

On top of Khloe Kardashian's plight, her brother Rob wrestled with depression and body issues and Kylie Jenner turned 16, which was like a massive deal.

Come along for THG's +/- KUWTK season finale recap!

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick discuss Lamar Odom's flakiness of late, and start to get annoyed when plans with the couple seem in doubt again.

Imagine how Khloe feels right about now. Minus 600.

When the NBA star’s agent called looking for him, Kourtney got a better idea of what her sister has been dealing with. And it's far from good. Minus 400.

Rob Kardashian was forced to face his own personal issues during a hike with stepbrother Brody Jenner, who revealed that he thinks Rob is depressed.

It's all about the weight, and geting back into shape.

“I just don’t want to be places,” Rob, going on to tell the camera, “I’ve been holding inside a lot of issues, not just with Lamar and Khloe, but with myself."

"It’s just not healthy for me. It’s hard when you have everyone looking in and assuming they know what’s going on, and they don’t know half the story.”

Plus 200 for the healthy introspection.

Rob and Khloe later had a talk in which she revealed that she's tried so hard in ways that no one else knows, but things are "getting bigger than me" now.

While the show did not spell out overtly that Lamar is on crack or doing Polina Polonsky, it's clear that this has become a desperate situation. Minus 1,200.

Rob, meanwhile, is “100 percent committed” to moving out, saying it’s “necessary” because he’s “in desperate need of fixing” himself from “bad energy.”

Way to go man. Plus 500.

While it certainly wasn't ignored, between this and Kim Kardashian giving birth, we expected more from the family given that this is their entire career.

Where's the crazy behind-the-scenes drama we wanted to see play out? Guess you'll have to visit THG if you want that, evidently, not E! Minus 500.

At least Kendall Jenner turned 16. Which is not a big a deal for some fans as Kendall Jenner turning 18, but it did lead to some fun, lighter moments.

“I really want this to be my organic thoughts, and all me,” said Kylie of the Sweet 16 party, and she got PISSED when Kris reorganized her room.

Minus 500 for Kris sucking, but Plus 500 for seeking revenge by packing up her mom’s belongings just like Kris did to her. It went over about as poorly.

She later gave her mom a personal invitation to the bash she planned, and admitted realizing just how much work is involved in planning the family’s parties.

The Alice in Wonderland-themed party for the teen went off without a hitch, with Kris giving Kylie credit for pulling it off and growing up. Plus 500.

Scott Disick, of course, was drinking way too much at the shindig, vanished for a time, and was labeled “disgusting” by Kourtney as she stormed off.

She later said she was being too sensitive Good times. Plus 500.

Finally, Kendall agreed to watch a friend’s pet, but left the little pig (yes, pig) in her mom’s care, which led to it finding its way into the family's pool.

Kris, of course, made up for this by buying accessories and grooming its little hairs, leading Kendall to pretend she was getting her mom her own pig.

Until Season 9, oink oink.


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