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Sometimes family is just what you need and sometimes they need to be shown the door. The Real Housewives of Atlanta gave us proof of that as the “Girl Code Breakers” needed to be told when to step back.

We recap it all in out THG +/- review….

Poor Kandi.

Real Housewives of Atlanta

She’s got the guy. She’s got the house. She’s got a ring on her finger…and she’s got a Mama who doesn’t know when to keep her big mouth shut. Minus 30.

Seriously, what is wrong with Mama Joyce? If she knows something horrible about Todd, then just come out and say it. If not, she needs to take a big step back because who pays for what in Kandi’s household is Kandi’s business. She’s not a child, she’s a grown woman for Lord’s sake.

But Joyce didn’t know when to leave it alone. As if dragging Kandi’s daughter Riley into this quarrel wasn’t enough, she had to insult her daughter’s engagement ring.


Minus 50. That’s nothing but petty and cold. It sounds like Joyce is more worried about Kandi’s money than her happiness. and that’s just wrong.

I hope Joyce likes Kandi Burriss‘ old house…because I don’t see her getting invited to the new one anytime soon.

Kandi wasn’t the only one dealing with trying family. Cynthia Bailey’s saddled with Peter. The woman is dealing with fibroids and all the health issues that come with them and her oh-so supportive hubby’s only advice is to tell her to stop eating cupcakes.

Minus 25. She’s in tears because she’s scared she might need a hysterectomy and Peter’s worried his wife might not look like a supermodel any more. Jackass.

Porsha may have gotten a dud as a husband but her Mama’s certainly there for her. She didn’t seem to hesitate offering Porsha to move in with her. Plus 33.

Heck, she even gave Porsha her master bedroom. If giving up your walk-in closet isn’t love, I don’t know what is.

The funniest moment of the night was when Porsha said she and her half sister were so close they were like a pair of Siamese cats. Yes, she said cats. Plus 15. How can you not love Porsha?

Phaedra Parks and Apollo looked about as far from a happy couple as you could get. There was a whole lot of sniping going on in that remodeled house. Neither one of them seem to give the other any credit. Add two babies to that stress and their future isn’t looking bright.

Especially if Apollo is texting other woman.

But let’s back up a bit…

NeNe Leakes and Kenya Moore had a sit down where Kenya continued to whine about NeNe’s betrayal. Yes, out of 400 wedding guests, one of them was Kenya’s ex. Oh the horror.

Plus 20 because I loved that NeNe wasn’t buying any of Kenya’s crocodile tears over her eviction…or should we say near eviction.  The way Kenya tells it you’d think she was living out of her car and none of her friends would take her phone calls.

NeNe felt Kenya needed to clear the air with the ladies so she called a pow wow.

The big issue: Kenya texting Apollo. Here’s the girl code for anyone who doesn’t already know it. Generally speaking, NEVER text another woman’s husband. Even if it’s innocent it can get you into trouble and if it’s not, well that’s just all kinds of wrong.

Suddenly Kenya was Miss Innocent. She hadn’t done anything wrong. She hadn’t insinuated anything. Everyone else just misunderstood.

Uh-huh. Minus 18.

Was anyone out there giving Kenya the benefit of the doubt? Do you think Mama Joyce is right about Todd? And whose marriage is in the most trouble on this season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta?