Hailey Glassman to Be Subpoenaed in Kate vs. Jon Gosselin Lawsuit?

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Kate Gosselin is reportedly threatening to subpoena Hailey Glassman, Jon Gosselin's former girlfriend, in her lawsuit against Jon and author Robert Hoffman.

The once-happy couple is now embroiled in a multi-million dollar hacking, wiretapping and identity theft case, and Hailey could be the key ... to both sides.

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Jon: Smoked

Text messages between Jon and Hailey Glassman could prove, or disprove, Kate's claim that he hatched a plan to steal her computer for Hoffman's book.

The crux of Kate’s entire lawsuit against Jon rests on his alleged conspiracy to aid in Hoffman's tell-all, and both sides are trying to get Hailey to weigh in.

If she doesn't participate willingly, Kate may try to make her.

“Hailey has told Kate’s legal tea that she wants nothing to do with the lawsuit or the Gosselin family and doesn’t want to get involved,” the insider revealed.

“So now Kate’s team is threatening to subpoena her so she will have to testify and submit any evidence she has, which would be the text messages.”

Meanwhile, “Jon’s attorney has been emailing Hailey since this thing started,” the source said, noting that her ex also has tried to find out where she stands.

“She hasn’t responded and doesn’t plan to. Since breaking up with Jon she’s left the Gosselins behind, and that’s exactly where she wants to keep them.”

While Jon argues that all of her claims against him are false and has moved to have the "fishing expedition" dismissed, some think he's reeling because of it.

“Jon’s pretty desperate at this point,” the source said. “His lawyers just want to know everything Hailey has, so they know what they could be up against.”

At this point, Kate Gosselin has no real proof that Jon and Hoffman “hacked” into her accounts or obtained the information through other illegal avenues.

Texts with Hailey could bolster her claim. Stay tuned ...

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