Kate Gosselin: Suing Jon Gosselin For Hacking Phone, Stealing Hard Drive!

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Kate Gosselin has filed a lawsuit accusing her ex-husband, Jon Gosselin, of stealing her hard drive and hacking into her phone and computer ... seriously.

File this one in the overflowing folder of Kate Gosselin mistakes.

Big Bad Jon
Wicked Witch of PA

The federal lawsuit alleges that Jon Gosselin stole the material for a book authored by Robert Hoffman, Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World.

How did she fool the world, exactly? We never got to find out.

Kate first accused Jon and tabloid writer Hoffman of stealing her hard drive for the book last October, and in turn got the thing pulled from Amazon.

Hoffman claimed he found it in a dumpster ... seriously.

Because Kate argued the material in it was obtained illegally, she sought and was granted a court order blocking it from publication late last year.

Now she's suing. It's not clear why the issue of Hoffman's e-book resurfaced now, but she is clearly not happy about it and not about to let it go.

Recently, Kate has claimed to have made mistakes in her marriage, and that she is on better terms with Jon these days, though the two are not close.

This likely won't help matters.

The couple starred in the TV show Jon & Kate Plus 8, detailing life with their twins and sextuplets, before they separated in 2009 and later divorced.

Allegations of Jon cheating on Kate were the first indication of trouble in paradise, and what followed was one of the uglier celebrity splits on record.

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