Kanye West Attacks Paparazzi in CRAZY Video ... or Not

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A crazy viral video has surfaced purportedly showing Kanye West beating the ever-loving crap out of several members of the paparazzi, but it's not him.

It's unclear who this actually is, whether the fighting is real, why it went viral or why people assumed it was 'Ye ... okay, we can sort of see the last part.

'Ye or nay, you gotta watch this insanity in the streets:

If this were Kanye, needless to say it would be a major deal in his upcoming criminal case, as prosecutors claim that the rapper is violent by nature.

The Austin, Texas, footage does not show West, however. Mr. Kim Kardashian wasn't there at the time this was filmed, multiple sources have confirmed.

In fact, according to TMZ, Kanye himself saw the clip of the alleged beatings he's doling out and laughed, saying if it were really him, he'd be in jail.

Seriously. Dude goes all MMA on them, whoever he is.

For actual West vs. paparazzi footage, and there is plenty of it ... see below. Along with an epic remix of one of the altercations, auto-tune style!


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