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Justin Bieber clearly had himself quite the time in Brazil last week.

But while we can’t confirm reports that the singer hung out in a brothel, a new video has emerged that proved he did enjoy the company of at least one random young woman.

Because she videotaped the singer fast asleep after a long night of partying!

In the following footage, a brunette identified as Brazilian Tati Neves pans her camera around the bedroom in Bieber’s rented villa and captures the 19-year old artist totally passed out, his beloved red hat keeping him company in bed:

Justin Bieber Filmed by Random Woman, Fast Asleep

According to various sources, Neves is NOT a prostitute.


But she is one of at least 10 girls Justin brought home after meeting them at a local nightclub.

Marina Binimeliz, 18, was among that lucky group and tells The Daily Mail that the women signed a confidentiality agreement and were supposed to hand over their cell phones to Bieber’s security team.

"There were lots of snacks spread on tables by the pool, on the verandah and in the lounge area," Binimeliz said of the residence, adding that Bieber at one pointed stood up and shouted

"I’m the king of the world!"

Another unnamed fan was present at the villa and described the scene as follows:

"I met him at Zax in a private area and then we went to his house in front of the beach – it was an amazing house. Photos were not allowed in his house, I had to sign a contract."

But it was not all fun and games for Bieber during his trip to Brazil.

The artist was hit in the head by a bottle while on stage Saturday night and is actually under investigation for illegal graffiti work.

Speaking of head and being under someone… nevermind. You may interpret the above video however you’d like.