George Zimmerman Ordered to Turn in Guns, Stay Away From Samantha Scheibe

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Following his arrest Monday, George Zimmerman has been ordered to surrender his weapons and keep his distance from girlfriend Samantha Scheibe.

Their domestic violence dispute, during which George allegedly pointed a shotgun at her face and started breaking stuff, resulted in dueling 911 calls.

Samantha Scheibe called for help after she said Zimmerman threatened her with a gun, smashed a coffee table and shoved her out of the house.

George called 911 too (above) for reasons sort of unknown.

Police arrested George Zimmerman shortly thereafter, forcing their way into the house and taking him into custody until his arraignment this morning.

Acquitted in the infamous slaying of Trayvon Martin, Zimmerman has surprisingly (or not surprisingly) been a regular presence in the police blotter since.

The 30-year-old former neighborhood watchman faced a judge in Florida today, and was released on $9,000 bail, but only under the following conditions:

  1. Zimmerman must remain 1,500 feet away from his pregnant girlfriend at all times, and have NO contact with her until further notice
  2. He must relinquish his firearms (of which he has multiple)
  3. He must wear a monitoring device to track his location
  4. Zimmerman can't leave the State of Florida

Interestingly, the prosecutor also recounted an additional domestic violence incident that allegedly occurred last week, which sounds like was also ugly.

In that case, Zimmerman allegedly choked his girlfriend and then threatened to commit suicide, although the incident was never reported to police.