Kanye West on Creating North West: All About Practice!

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Kanye West was a guest on Ellen today, making headlines for the debut of his Bound 2 music video.

Mostly because it features Kim Kardashian topless, straddling her fiance on a motorcycle.

But this wasn't the only time the topic of Kim Kardashian nude came up, as the host asked the rapper whether he and his soulmate were planning to have a child or...

"We were just practicing all the time," West said in response. "Practice made perfect."

Kanye and Ellen

Kanye added that he's now "super-focused" as a father and "determined" to "establish the exact foundation I want for my family."

It's unclear exactly what that means, but it doesn't mean he'll be cleaning up his song lyrics any time soon.

"I'm not as concerned with the idea of profanity or nudity, it's more the messaging behind it," West said to DeGeneres. "[North's] going to be in the real world so she's going to hear things and see things. I think she's gotta be prepared for that."

It's true. All kids need to prepare for videos of their parents practically having sex on a moving vehicle.

As for why he proposed in such an over-the-top manner (by renting out AT&T Park in San Francisco and including a 50-piece orchestra), Kanye said it was a matter of two things:

  1. Expectations.
  2. Kim being the greatest.

"I think people expect even more from me in every situation whether it's an album, a video, concert, or an engagement," he said, adding of his baby mama. "I think that Kim is awesome and she just deserved [an] awesome moment like that."

Asked what it is about Kardashian that is such a draw, Kanye seemed legitimately speechless for once.

He fumbled. He hemmed. He hawed. And he finally tried to explain:

"She's an important person that when I was at my lowest moments I could get on the phone with her. She would make me feel like I was here for a reason and I had something to say, and just support me through that. It's incredible to have a woman like that, that you know is not using you for money...

"I don't know if I can express it enough. It's almost like people make fun of me for how in love I actually am."

Darn. That's actually rather sweet, 'Ye.

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