Gary Kubiak Collapses During Texans Game; NFL Coach Hospitalized

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Gary Kubiak, the head coach of the Houston Texans, was hospitalized after collapsing in the middle of the NFL team's game against the Colts on Sunday.

Kubiak doubled over in “extraordinary pain” just before halftime.

As the teams were heading to the locker rooms, medical officials rushed to his side. The coach reportedly wasn’t opening his eyes, though he was talking.

Medical personnel finally managed to get the 52-year-old to sit up before loading him into an ambulance and transporting him to a nearby hospital.

Wade Phillips, the offensive coordinator for the Houston Texans and the assistant coach who took over for Gary, said that the hospital trip was precautionary.

Kubiak's "heart rate was fine and his pulse was fine,” luckily.

"There was a lot of unknown," added Phillips, whose team lost 27-24 after leading 21-3. "Everything was unknown as to what was going on and what happened to Kub."

"(Offensive coordinator) Rick Dennison obviously called the plays from the press box. We had to adjust as far as the head coach not being there."

"But it was a shock to everybody."

Houston GM Rick Smith said, "He had an episode; he was light-headed and dizzy. He was evaluated by a number of specialists … he is awake and coherent."

"We have to assess … obviously, there's a lot of info," Smith added.

"Hopefully, Gary will be back with us tomorrow."

Rival Colts owner Jim Irsay tweeted Sunday: "Big time prayers for Coach Kubiak... God bless his healthy return and ease his family's worry and concern."

The scary incident comes just one day after Denver Broncos coach Jon Fox was rushed to the hospital after becoming short of breath during a round of golf.

It was revealed that Fox was suffering from a defective aortic valve and will need surgery. He is expected to miss at least several weeks of coaching.

Hopefully, that’s a worst case scenario for Gary Kubiak as well.

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