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Britney Spears and perfume go hand in hand, but usually we’re talking about her fragrances, of which she has 13. Thirteen. Here, tough, it’s the title of her new song!

The second single off her forthcoming album Britney Jean, “Perfume,” is an angst-ridden ballad. In other words, more "Everytime" than "Work Bitch."

Listen to her use "Perfume" to mark her territory, so to speak, below!

Britney Spears - Perfume

From our analysis, this song can be summed up as such: Step off.

Britney Spears is using her scent to mark her territory, hoping that her musk lingers on her man so that any other ladies will keep their distance. Deep stuff.

Britney Jean doesn’t arrive until the end of this month, but you can pre-ordered it on iTunes now, with a digital copy of “Perfume” thrown in as a bonus.

What do you think of her new single?