Fifty Shades of Sin: Fan Fiction Focuses on Chris Brown-Rihanna Relationship, Violence

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Fifty Shades Of Grey may be a guilty pleasure for most, but for one creator of fan fiction based on the hit novel, things are getting a whole lot heavier.

Fifty Shades of Sin is based on the volatile, abusive relationship between Rihanna and Chris Brown, which continues to make headlines to this day.

J. Lola penned her thinly veiled version of the two music superstars' story, and you can find it on Amazon, where it is being sold for the Kindle.

Lola describes Fifty Shades Of Sin as "the strange story of Robyn and Chris, and how they find love in," wait for it ... wait ... "a HOPELESS PLACE."

"From the moment they meet, their attraction is explosive. They fall hard for each other," she writes. "They crave each other every minute of the day.

"However, [Robyn and Chris] just can’t be together. This is a story about love, but it explores the difficulties, sacrifices, and pain that love brings as well."


Robyn, of course, is Rihanna’s real name, and the similarities go beyond that, as Robyn’s best friend is Melissa (her real life BFF is Melissa Forde).

Chris’ girlfriend, referred to as a "groupie," seems to be based on Karreuche Tran.

Fifty Shades Of Sin hopes to be the first of many books about the not-so-fictional couple, whose idea of dominance is portrayed as sexy even it gets nasty.

Chris Brown, Rihanna (Grammys)
Fifty Shades of Sin

Chris threatens to "beat the s--t out of" Robyn’s boyfriend, and follows it up with a threat that he will break the hand of a passer-by early in their relationship."

Robyn's reaction? "I tried to imagine how glorious his muscular 6’4″ frame would look naked ... I did a double take, utterly ashamed that I was so attracted to this man."

She laments that "I could find such a dangerous situation erotic."

After faux Chris Brown tells Robyn that he is "really f--ked up" after they have sex for the first time, she replies, "I’m f--ked up too. Let’s be f--ked up together."

Robyn adds: "I was hesitant [to date him]. I wasn’t sure why, but I felt as if meeting him would open up a box that I wasn’t sure I was ready to open."

"Thinking back, I realize that there was a part of me blasting out a warning to stay away from Chris then," she recalls. "Even before I met him.’

The author did add a disclaimer on Amazon that the story contains "extreme sexual and emotional scenarios that might make some uncomfortable."

No word if he'll throw rocks at his mom's car in the sequel.

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