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They may watch one of the funniest shows on TV, but Family Guy fans are not in a laughing mood right now.

On last night’s installment of this Fox cartoon, Seth MacFarlane and company shocked and saddened viewers… by killing Brian off!

Yes, the dog was stuck by a car and his body was scarcely in the ground before the Griffins actually brought home a new canine named Vinnie.

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And this Family Guy Season 12 Episode 6 storyline is not sitting well with many television fanatics out there.


A petition has been launched on that calls on producers to bring Brian back, with the online document reading in part:

"Brian Griffin was an important part of our viewing experince. He added a witty and sophisticated element to the show. Family Guy and Fox Broadcasting will lose viewers if Brian Griffin is not brought back to the show."

And in case the level of vitriol out there wasn’t apparent enough, consider this message from a fan in Texas:

"Brian Griffin was America’s funniest and most loyal dog. He was Stewie’s BEST FRIEND. FOR CRYING OUT LOUD HE WAS WHAT MADE THE GRIFFIN FAMILY WHOLE."

What do you think of Brian’s death on Family Guy?