Debbie Rowe: Conrad Murray Will DIE (and I'd Buy the Bullet)!

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Debbie Rowe believes Dr. Conrad Murray is asking for an early demise at the hands of Michael Jackson fans, and she's not exactly broken up about it.

In fact, she says that after his latest stunt - talking about holding Michael's junk and trashing her in an interview with the Daily Mail - she'd buy the bullet.

Rowe is "disgusted" by Murray's remarks, alleging that Michael never slept with her and that he and MJ joked that they would never want to sleep with her.

Contacted for her reaction by TMZ, she did not hold back. At all.

Rowe believes that within 18 months, an irate Jackson fan "will shoot him dead, and I'd buy the bullet ... I wouldn't shoot him but I'd buy the bullet ... a hollow-point." 

A hollow-point bullet is a particularly lethal type of ammunition.

Clearly all sorts of pissed, Debbie Rowe threw in this gem:

"If I had a dog as ugly as him [Murray] I'd shave its ass, make it walk backwards and put a wig on it. It takes two to f--k and there's not enough alcohol in the world."

Debbie Rowe Flips Out
Murray Trial

"At least I can breed," adds Rowe, who mostly keeps to herself and raises horses on her ranch in rural California, "he can't even write prescriptions anymore."

She's also indignant over Murray claiming that Jackson killed himself by injecting himself with the fatal dose of Propofol while he was out of the room.

Murray made this claim before, during his manslaughter trial, to no avail. Rowe is keenly aware of this fact, but it doesn't make it any less infuriating.

"It's so disgusting he's trashing the dead," she said of the doctor who inadvertently killed her former husband. "The jury sure didn't buy his story."

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