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Corey Feldman is making the rounds to promote his tell-all autobiography, Coreyography, in which he delves into his troubled past and so much more.

In the book Feldman details sexual abuse he experienced as well as his close friendship with his fellow drug addict heart throb, the late Corey Haim.

Feldman also sheds light on his bond with another fallen star, the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson. Their bond, Corey says, was the “healthiest” in his life.

In an interview, he also discusses his take on Dr. Conrad Murray and his role in Jackson’s death. According to Feldman, the doctor has blood on his hands:

Corey Feldman on Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson

“Michael Jackson’s world, crazy as it sounds, had become my happy place. Being with Michael brought me back to my innocence," says the former child star."


"When I was with Michael, it was like being 10 years old again.”

And not in a negative way, he wants to make abundantly clear.

Feldman insists that their friendship was never inappropriate and gives examples of how Jackson was a fun, positive influence on him for many years.

He clearly misses his friend(s), and we feel for the guy – but are happy he seems to be doing a lot better than at certain phases of his troubled past.