Chris Brown in Rehab: Can I Bring My Weed?

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Chris Brown entered rehab again last week, and really he was cool giving him his phone and the Internet, he wanted to bring along his supply. Of weed.

When he enrolled in his court-ordered rehab following his latest progress hearing in the Rihanna assault case, he made a special request for this.

Chris Brown Smokes Weed

Brown claims his marijuana has been prescribed by a doctor to treat a medical condition - depression - but the staff rejected the R&B star's request.

Chris made a thing of this, claiming pot makes him calm, but the staff was unbending and did not allow him to bring in any of the stuff. Tough luck.

The judge in the case ordered the 24-year-old to enroll in a live-in anger management facility for 90 days following his previous stint in anger rehab.

In that case, he was thrown out of the Malibu location after just two weeks ... ironically because he flew into a rage and threw rocks at his mom's car.

Yes, that really happened when she came to visit him in treatment for a family session, and he reportedly lost it when she suggested he stay longer.

He was only (voluntarily) in anger management rehab, of course, after he got arrested for punching a man in the face in D.C. (which he denies).

You can't make this stuff up.

Hopefully, the no-weed policy won't make things worse this time. And speaking of his mom, it sounds like they're cool again. She says he's an "angel."

With broken wings, sure. But an angel nonetheless, even if he could use a little bit of help from God ... and to ditch those dirtbag thug friends of his.


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