Charlie Sheen: Concerned Parent or Self-Absorbed Phony?

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Is Charlie Sheen a concerned, devoted dad looking out for his kids, or a delusional, unbalanced loon who talks a good game but is unwilling to really step up as a parent?

The L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services is going with the latter, and they're not happy they've become a target of his verbal/Twitter grenades.

The mess that has become Sheen's family has been a hot topic lately, with the 48-year-old star reaming out everybody under the sun for their supposed refusal to do the right thing.

According to Charlie, his ex-wife Brooke Mueller is an "evil whore," the judge handling the case is an "anus brain" and DCFS is "incompetent and lascivious" (among other choice phrases).

At stake is custody of Charlie and Brooke's twins Bob and Max, who've been under the guardianship of Sheen's other ex-wife Denise Richards for months due to Mueller's drug problems.

Denise wants out, due to the boys' violent tendencies, and with the judge awarding custody to Brooke's brother Scott, who will live with her and the boys, Sheen lost it on Twitter.

While he's great at dishing out blame, a DCFS source says Charlie has NEVER made a real move to gain custody of Bob and Max. Rather, "he cares more about his drugs and porn stars than the kids."

Charlie Sheen, Charlie's Angels

Some at the department feel Charlie is psychologically screwed up and angry, obviously doesn't prioritize parenting, and should never have custody of the kids under any circumstances.

Others believe that his intentions and abilities may not be as awful as you think, however his actions have never given officials the chance to take a serious look at him as a custodial parent.

Either way ... his face may be on the office dartboard at DCFS.

As for the gag order he clearly violated by ripping everyone to shreds, a source says the DCFS and Brooke will NOT antagonize things further by moving to hold him in contempt.

However, the judge who already warned him to shut his damn yap - and who Sheen berated as "Mr. Italian judge anus-brain" - may be more than inclined to jail Charlie this coming week.

What do you think: Should Charlie get custody?


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