Chain Smoking 2-Year-Old From Indonesia Trades Cigarettes For Food

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Aldi Rizal, the Indonesian child who shocked the world with his 40-cigarette-a day habit at just 2 years old is in the news again. This time his weight is the topic of conversation. 

The young boy, who quit smoking in 2010 with the help of play therapy in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta, weighs approximately 56 lbs, which is more than the recommended healthy weight for the average 5 year old. Doctors believe that Aldi's early addiction to smoking has set him up for a lifetime of weight-related issues

Rizal's mother, Diane, said that with so many people living in their house, it's hard to stop the child from getting food. He consumes three cans of condensed milk a day

"He would bang his head on the wall if he couldn't get what he wanted. That's why I get him cigarettes in the first place--because of his temper and his crying," Diane said. "Now I don't give him cigarettes, but he eats a lot."

It seems that after he stopped smoking, he traded cigarettes for carbohydrates.

Rizal's parents have visited a nutritionist who has given them strategies and a diet plan to help rehabilitate Aldi's eating habits. Instead of junk and snacks, Aldi is given fresh fruits and vegetables and smaller portions. 

Doctors hope that if Rizal can lose just a little bit of weight, then things will average out as he gets taller.

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