Ylvis "Massachusetts" Video: More Absurd Than "The Fox"!?

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Ylvis, the Norwegian comedy group who went viral earlier this fall with "The Fox," are back with a follow-up single and music video titled ... "Massachusetts."

The video dishes out fun facts about the Bay State and makes a commentary about homophobia (we think) before devolving into utter, albeit catchy, nonsense.

Check out the latest Ylvis viral hit below!

You can't exactly take these guys at face value based on the absurdity of their infamous answer to the eternal question "What Does the Fox Say?"

In this case, though, their facts mostly check out:

  • "It's the 14th biggest state!" - True, based on population
  • "Just four hours from New York!" - True, if you drive from Boston to NYC and hit the inevitable traffic (other parts of the state are closer)
  • "Home of JF Kenneday!" - True, albeit spelled wrong (on purpose, we assume), as the late 35th President hailed from Brookline, Mass.
  • "1620! The pilgrims came to town! Mayflower!" - True, true and true.
  • "Home of Nelson Mandela!" - That's just false.

Between this song and the seven-time World Series champion Red Sox kicking off the quest for #8 in the World Series tonight ... big day for Massachusetts!

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