Lindsay Lohan: Off the Wagon, "Insanely Belligerent" During NYC Bar Fight?

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Is Lindsay Lohan back off the wagon again? According to a new report, she became “insanely belligerent” last week at New York’s Sing Sing Karaoke bar.

“Lindsay was chain-smoking” throughout the outing at the East Village pub, a source says, as she and her hangers-on hung out in a private karaoke room.

Whether LiLo herself was boozing is unproven, but her posse drained a bottle of Jameson, and left the room strewn with liquor bottles in their wake.

At one point, Lindsay Lohan pleaded with staff to keep the bar open after its’ designated closing time, which led to a “disturbance” with one of the employees.

After the staff asked her to hit the road, LiLo summoned the NYPD and claimed she was "held captive" in the private karaoke room, the insider dished.

Police did not take a report of the incident.

Conspicuously MIA was The Canyons star’s sober coach, Doug Caine. Again, it's not clear if she was drunk despite claims that she was out of control.

In the name of damage control, or maybe because she just felt bad, the actress had two of her friends try to make nice with the bar workers the next day.

Her father Michael, in response to the report, reassured fans that his daughter is “absolutely fine” and "not off the wagon" but had a message for her crew.

“If they care about her,” he said, “they won’t drink in front of her.”

What do you think, THGers? Is Lindsay really staying sober, and even if she was on this night, can she stay on the right track while living this wild lifestyle?

Lindsay Lohan: Can she stay clean?

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