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Wendy Williams is joining the Julianne Hough hate parade.

The former Dancing with the Stars professional has come under fire for donning blackface as part of her Halloween costume over the weekend.

And, despite Hough’s apology, Martha Plimpton has called out Julianne out as a moron and Williams took to the air yesterday to blast the beauty and ignorant and unintelligent.

“Who does that?” Williams asked her talk show audience while blasting Hough. “Who walks out of the house in blackface? Like, wow, Julianne…

“You have to figure this: This was, like, an intentional move. This was not something that happened all of a sudden and she was like, ‘Oh, is this racist?’ You put thought into your Halloween costume… You don’t just show up in blackface. Which means she’s not just less than smart off the cuff – she’s less than smart even when she thinks about it.”


Williams – who also recently slammed Kris Jenner as a greedy viper – then wondered when Hough’s upbringing and/or religion played a role in her outfit choice.

Not that it would have been a valid excuse, anyway.

“She grew up Mormon,” Williams said. “She only thought that there was one kind of alcohol until I guess she arrived to Hollyweird and discovered you can drink something different every minute of the day. Does she get a pass if she grew up out there? Because I’m thinking there’s books and there’s internet and TV…the world is your oyster.”

Overall, Hough “should know better,” the talk show host concluded.

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Do you agree? What did you think of Hough’s Orange is the New Black costume?