Vanity Fair Gwyneth Paltrow Piece to Run as Planned; Star Fears "Epic Takedown"

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Vanity Fair intends to publish a cover story about actress Gwyneth Paltrow, despite her strong objections, and it reportedly will not pull any punches.

Gwyneth Paltrow in London

Earlier this year, Paltrow tried to derail Vanity Fair's plans to profile her. Gwyneth had been asked to collaborate on the piece herself but declined.

Sources noted she was concerned after VF ran unflattering profiles of Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, and tried to institute a gag order in her inner circle.

“Vanity Fair is threatening to put me on the cover of their magazine,” she wrote to friends. “If you are asked for quotes or comments, please decline.

"Also, I recommend that you all never do this magazine again.”

If anything, her efforts emboldened the publication's efforts.

Editor Graydon Carter sat down with The Times of London this week and indicated that the piece will go on, and this only made him more determined.

“We started a story on her. We have a very good writer and it’ll run ... She sort of forced my hand," Carter told the paper of his decision to run it.

“Some famous people believe that they live in a cone of celebrity that protects them," he said. "But it doesn’t really exist any more in LA unless they stay in."

"I mean, you can be a well-known movie star and go decades without getting an embarrassing picture in a magazine just by leading a quiet, normal life.”

Although she's appeared on the cover of VF multiple times before, insiders say the upcoming article about Paltrow is "an epic takedown" piece.

Vanity Fair never grants picture or copy approval to its subjects. This might make PR reps "all pissed off with us, but I can live with that," Carter said.

It's not clear what has Gwyneth so afraid of being discussed by the magazine, but whatever it is, you can bet that sales will be at an all-time high.

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