Twogging: People Twerking With Dogs Who Are Straight Up Confused

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Twogging is the new thing. At least according to a new viral video, in which people attempt to Twerk along with their dogs ... who look straight up confused.

Yes. Not everyone is content emulating Miley Cyrus Twerking at the VMAs or reenacting Rihanna "Pour It Up" video. Some have to get their pets involved.

Apparently #twogging is the act of twerking on or around your four-legged friend (or anyone’s dog, for that matter), as seen in the video compilation above.

We can't decide if this is hilarious, weird or just wrong.

In any case, please don't go twogging on a stranger's pet at the dog park, though that could become a viral video in itself once you get your a$$ whomped.

The more you know.

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