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Faith Hill and Tim McGraw’s alleged marriage problems, rumors of which surfaced this summer, are again the subject of a National Enquirer expose.

It’s unclear, for the record, if the two singers are or have ever been going through any sort of rough patch or marriage related drama at all.

Nevertheless, the celebrity gossip tabloid is at it again. To wit:

Faith has apparently gone berserk on her man!

Faith Hill and Young Fan

The $135 million marriage of Faith Hill and Tim McGraw is in peril, according to the magazine, as he has apparently ditched his wedding ring.


We have no idea why these two have become the Enquirer‘s favorite celebrity target, but could they be chasing down a legitimate story here?

Not likely, but we said that about John Edwards, so …

Faith has supposedly given her spouse an ultimatum, instructing him to either put the damn ring back on his finger or get out and stay out.

Ohhhh. Those be (likely invented) fightin’ words!

In addition, Faith has turned to fellow country singer Kenny Chesney for support, while Tim has turned to Taylor Swift in his time of need.

That’s almost as hilarious as the gay rumors.