The Real Housewives of Miami Recap: Bridesmaid Smackdown

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The Real Housewives of Miami have a serious "Bridesmaid Breakdown" as Lisa Hochstein got kicked out of the wedding party. We recap it all in our THG +/- review.

There's a difference between being the peacemaker and turning into meddling buttinsky and this week Lisa Hochstein drove right over that line in her hot little Ferrari. Minus 18.

Bridesmaid Debacle

And in Miami, when you stick your nose in the wrong place, you risk having to have your plastic surgeon hubby have to fix it for your later. LIsa was definitely treading on dangerous territory with Joanna Krupa but she just couldn't leave it alone.

As Lisa kept insisting everyone should get along simply because she said so, Joanna shot back, "If someone called you a f*cking hooker and tried to ruin your reputation I think you'd be upset."

Point to Joanna. Plus 25.

When Lisa called the bride-to-be delusional  things went from bad to worse. Joanna's got a hair trigger temper to begin with so her telling her friend and bridesmaid, "You call me delusional. You're not in my wedding party Get the f*ck out of here." It was really no surprise at all.

Still, just how Lisa pushing Lea Black to mend fences with Adriana ended up with Joanna kicking her to the curb makes my head spin. Minus 13.

And how funny was it when Lisa stormed off spouting, "I don't have to go to your wedding! Its five hours away, it's on a THURSDAY, who has a wedding on a THURSDAY?!" Minus 30. It takes a fight to know what your friends really think of your wedding plans.

Then Lisa wondered if all of these women were crazy.

Uh, yeah! Have you ever watched this show?

Lea's reaction to the whole debacle being at her handbag launch party was pretty hysterical. "If you're going to get into a dispute at my party, promote my bags! Pick up a bag and slap the b*tch with it."

Plus 35. Lea's looking to market her wares any way possible. 

But at least she took the time to make her feelings clear to Lisa when it came to her relationship with Adriana…

"I will handle my relationship with her and I don't need you in the middle of it."  Plus 25. I don't think she could have been more calm or rational when she said it.

Still Lisa had trouble letting it go and I found her plea of "Just have emotions, Lea." really insulting. Minus 20.

Lea had skin care products to launch, a house remodeling party to host and a goal to promote being fabulous. She had no time for all of this nonsense.

But when Adriana arrived at Lea's party the two former friends hashed things out. Lots of tears ensued before hugs were finally exchanged.

And Joanna cried to Romain about bouncing Lisa from her wedding. He was actually quite a sweetheart about the whole thing, plus 15. He just might make good husband material yet.

In the end, Lisa's back in the wedding party, Adriana's invited too and the entire coven of Housewives has a big group hug.

Will it last through Joanna's wedding day? We'll have to wait and see.

Episode total = +19! Season total = -540!

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