Sinead O'Connor Says Miley Cyrus Feud is Over, Gets Cheek Tattoos

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Sinead O'Connor showed off a couple new sides in an interview with Ireland's The Late Late Show on Friday.

First, the singer said she was done feuding with Miley Cyrus. Then, she debuted a pair of cheek tattoos.

"It's not actually about Miley," O'Connor said of her stance that started this rivalry, which took the music industry to task more than the 20-year old artist. "As far as I'm concerned it's over, it's not something I really want to talk about."

Sinead O'Connor Cheek Tattoos

But then O'Connor was pressed and did talk about it, of course.

Referencing Miley's attack against her history of mental illness and the comparison Cyrus made between O'Connor and Amanda Bynes, this 46-year old said:

"I was upset on behalf of Amanda Bynes. I thought it was a nasty thing to do to Amanda Bynes because she had nothing to do with the conversation. And also the poor girl is in hospital at the moment receiving treatment."

Sinead went on to explain that her beef is with an industry that no longer cares about good music, calling out Simon Cowell specifically for his role in negatively affecting the business and adding:

"Artists around the world will agree that music is being murdered, the power of real rock and roll to move people, to change things is being murdered."

O'Connor penned a letter to Miley early last week that warned her against being prostituted by the business.

Cyrus took the advice to keep her clothes on personally, however, attacked O'Connor for her past of psychological instability... and things continued to get ugly from there.

"The money making end of music is taking over," O'Connoar said. "I was asked to wear mini-skirts and grow my hair and that is why I shaved my hair. I wanted to be genuinely judged on my talent and not how I looked."

Speaking of how she looks: O'Connor now has a tattoo of the letter "B" on one cheek and "Q" on the other.

She would not elaborate on the basis for this ink, but it's safe to assume they reference ex-boyfriend Brendan Quinlan.

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