The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: Who's Punching Back

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey  "Reunion Part 1" hit our TV screens and I had to wonder how many viewers felt a lot like Juicy Joe this season…

Juicy Joe's Looking Bored

We recap all the backstabbing and infidelity in our THG +/- review.

Remember last season's reunion show when these ladies all but swore they'd never live in the same town, never mind share this sofa again. Well, some might have changed zip codes but they all showed up to talk to Andy Cohen this time around. Plus 15.

Andy only briefly touched on Teresa Giudice's legal issues which I found odd. Even odder was hearing that the ladies considered 39 counts of Federal fraud a personal issue? 

Caroline admitted to looking mean last season but which do you prefer, a mean Caroline lecturing everyone or the saintly version giving the same lectures? Minus 22. Let's face it. Mrs. Manzo was just boring this year.

But the pet pig is gone…even though her sister is still there with a cage full of rabbits. Caroline can't seem to help collecting strays.

What was up with Caroline's views on marriage. She basically said she'd be foolish to expect that her husband has been faithful to her all these years. Minus 50. I'm not saying she's wrong but isn't that an insult to Albert and a jaded view of her marriage? I wonder what her kids think about that one.

At least Caroline insists on keeping her issues with Dina out of the press. Plus 25.

The rest of the ladies were asked their views on infidelity.

Melissa takes the hard line. You cheat on me and I'll kill you.  Of course her trust in her husband doesn't go far. She picks out all of his homely secretaries for him.  I'm not sure if that deserves a plus or a minus. Perhaps Teresa's not the only one worried about finding her husband on a desk with his secretary

Teresa sticks her head in the sand and swears her hubby is faithful to her. Minus 30. Does anyone out there believe that one?

Jacqueline admits she crossed a line last season bringing up Juicy Joe's infidelity but she never came out and said she was wrong…just that she shouldn't have brought it up on the air.

Melissa was completely offended that Caroline considered her and Teresa similar personalities but it's so true. They are more alike than different. Superficial, selfish, vain. All the good stuff. Minus 33.

But Teresa hit a new low when she admitted to leaking stories about the Manzo marriage just because she was angry with Caroline. Minus 40. She just proved all of the stuff that Melissa's been saying about her.

Dr. V made another appearance and tried to help this motley crew. Joe and Rosie think their temper tantrums are just passionate outburst. Minus 50. They're more like spoiled two- years olds with impulse control issues and watching them scream and throw things has gotten really old.

But are their tactics rubbing off on Kathy who told Andy, If you throw a punch, be ready to get a punch back.

Perhaps it's a sign of things to come on next week's Reunion Part 2.

Episode total = -185!  Season total = -763!

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