Sara Brandon Gives Birth to 14-Pound Baby; Biggest U.S. Newborn of 2013

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Everyone thinks their baby is extra special, but Sara Brandon's baby boy wins ... at least technically. He's the biggest child born in the U.S. all year!

The boy weighed in at a whopping 14 pounds - double the weight of your average newborn - and arrived a week and a half before his due date, no less.

So was Joel Brandon Jr. born via C-section or naturally?

The former. Sara had a scheduled C-section at 38 1/2 weeks, at which point she knew her son was big. An ultrasound estimated he would be around 11 pounds.

Give or take three?

The 2013 record-setting baby boy landed in the NICU because of respiratory problems, but a week later, he was released and is in perfect health.

And straight into size 2 diapers.

As a four-month-old, he's up to 23 pounds ... good enough for the "150th percentile" for height and weight based on how he compares to normal charts.

The year's previous "biggest baby" title holder was a little girl in Pennsylvania, born in July at 13 pounds, 12 ounces, just a shade under Joel's weight.

14 is the new 13?

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