Lindsay Lohan: Drinking Up a Storm, Wasted at Least Four Times This Month?

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At best, Lindsay Lohan doesn’t appear very serious about her sobriety, often pictured in the early morning hours causing trouble at nightclubs in N.Y.C. and L.A.

At worst, she's completely off the wagon. A new tabloid report suggests it's the latter, claiming she's not only clubbing up a storm, but drinking. Hardcore.

“She was definitely drinking alcohol. She got increasingly sloppy as the hours went on,” an insider told Star magazine of a party in L.A. last Monday.

That's when she was photographed reaching for a wine bottle, which her people claimed was just a bad angle seen in a photo taken from far away.

Not the case, says this insider. In fact, at one point, the troubled star "was literally hanging on to a couple of her friends, like they were holding her up.”

Nor was this an isolated incident, the source dishes. In the two weeks leading up to that party, the struggling starlet reportedly drank several other times.

Lindsay Lohan downed vodka cocktails at the Headless Horseman bar in NYC on October 10 and then Woody McHale’s Bar & Grill just two days later.

And on October 19 she allegedly attended an alcohol-fueled bash in Hollywood with Paris Hilton and Miley Cyrus. Needless to say, she was boozing.


“Lindsay arrived around 3 a.m. And was still there when dawn was breaking. Lindsay, Miley and Paris were taken to a special room for VIPs,” a source said.

It's all unproven and undocumented with any real evidence, but as we said, clearly the 27-year-old hasn't shied away from the party circuit. At all.

Are we really supposed to believe that she's going to these events and staying stone cold sober the entire time? It would seem incredibly far-fetched.

To be clear, Lindsay is not prohibited from drinking. She's an adult and it's not a condition of her probation or anything like that. She can do as she likes.

For someone with such clear substance abuse problems, and who went to rehab to avoid jail, however? It doesn't look good. To the court or for her future.


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