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She’s reportedly pregnant with baby-number-two, but that doesn’t mean everything is going well in Kendra Wilkinson’s family life.

Kendra’s brother Colin took to Facebook today and positively went off on his famous sibling, saying in a post he’s “f-cking had it” with Kendra and sort of going into more detail with:

“Everyone wanna know the truth. My sister can go straight to f-cking hell. She’s an inconsiderate bitch. How dare her tell my mom to go die. My sister is the most selfish human being on the planet.”

Kendra Wilkinson in 2020

It’s not clear what prompted this blow-up, but sources confirm Patricia Wilkinson filed for bankruptcy in 2010.


It’s conceivable Kendra never helped her mother out financially, but that wouldn’t explain why Colin waited three years to share his feelings.

TMZ, meanwhile, alleges Colin and his mom are angry because Kendra didn’t share the news of her pregnancy with them and when Kendra called to try and smooth things over… that’s when a death threat was supposedly uttered.

“She is no longer apart of my life,” Colin added. “She has never once helped my family. So plz stop asking me about her. As I have nothing to say. You want the real me. U fruckin got it.”

That’s too bad. Guess we know who Colin is voting for in this Kendra vs. Kate Upton bikini showdown.